Work with the Freight Transport Association (FTA) to develop a CPC module on OSA

The OSA Partnership Group and the FTA have developed a partial Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) module that is available free of charge to both FTA and non-FTA members. The module is accredited and contributes to the required CPC training that HGV drivers are required to undertake each year.

Professor John Stradling from the OSA Partnership Group, has spent his career working with sleep apnoea patients as a respiratory consultant in Oxford. He says,

“It is essential that we make drivers aware of the symptoms of sleep apnoea. It is a condition that can be very easily diagnosed and treated, and following this patients are able to lead normal lives. It is especially significant for HGV drivers as successful treatment will enable them to drive as safely as anyone without OSA. “We hope that the programme that we have developed with the FTA will allow drivers to recognise OSAS in themselves or others and to act upon this knowledge to seek treatment, and in doing so to improve dramatically the quality of their lives.”

As well as outlining typical signs of OSAS, the module includes interviews with both clinicians and patients, including Colin Wrighton, an HGV driver who has been campaigning for greater awareness of OSA since he was involved in a fatal accident prior to diagnosis.

Find out more by visiting the FTA OSA page.

“If the driver of the truck that killed my nephew had been diagnosed and referred for fast track treatment of OSA when he visited his GP to complain about being tired all the time, Toby would still be with us”. 

Seb Schmoller, uncle to Toby Tweddell who was killed in August 2008 by a truck whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel.

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