GP Sleep Study: Dr. Tahmina Siddiqui

Dr Tahmina Siddiqui qualified as a General Practitioner in 2000, having trained at Luton and Dunstable hospital. She joined the Whaddon Medical Centre as a partner in 2002. She was GDG committee member for the NICE Asthma diagnosis and Monitoring Guideline published in November 2018. She was a Lead GP for respiratory care in Milton Keynes CCG, and is an active member of the Primary Care Respiratory Society and British sleep society.

She is also a GP trainer and GP appraiser. Her  practice achieved ‘Outstanding’ outcome following a CQC visit in 2016. In 2013 Tahmina set up a new patient pathway to screen patients with possible OSA for her practice patients in order to decide who needed onward referral to the local sleep clinic at Milton Keynes Hospital. This involves a home sleep study (ApneaLink), and a symptom questionnaire, both organised prior to an appointment at the surgery for a full sleep history.

This service has run successfully for 5 years now and continues to offer patients an efficient service nearer to home. The service has helped to reduce referral to local sleep clinic by approximately 60%. Thus the sleep clinic in the hospital is focused on managing positive and strongly suspected cases of OSA. She is currently in the process of expanding this service in the community for MKCCG.


"Our work has shown that falling asleep at the wheel, due to OSA, is one of the most likely causes for them having a serious road accident, with all the implications, not only for them and other road users, but also for those driversí families".Professor Jim Horne, Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University.