GP Sleep Study: Dr. Robert Koefman

Dr Robert Koefman is a GP at the Binfield practice in Berkshire. He trained in ENT before moving to this practice, and was extremely well qualified to be a GP with the special interest area of ENT. He now has well over 20 years of experience in this specialist area. In 2009 Robert negotiated a new sleep apnoea pathway with his PCT, supported because of the large number of patients with possible OSA, even then, going to secondary care for sleep studies.

He obtained training in sleep study interpretation from the Oxford Sleep Clinic using the home overnight study equipment (Stowood Scientific). Patients from his own and surrounding surgeries were referred to his alternate Saturday morning sleep clinic and given the overnight recorder to take home that day.

This was then returned, downloaded, analysed and interpreted, in order to make the decision as to the appropriateness of onward referral to the Oxford Sleep Clinic for CPAP therapy. Over the following 9 years Robert has seen over 1500 patients, performed over 1400 sleep studies and referred about 45% for treatment at Oxford.

The Oxford Clinic did not need to repeat the sleep studies and were happy to proceed on the basis of Robert’s assessment. This has proved an extremely successful venture with Robert providing a consistent, high quality service that patients really appreciate.


"Our work has shown that falling asleep at the wheel, due to OSA, is one of the most likely causes for them having a serious road accident, with all the implications, not only for them and other road users, but also for those driversí families".Professor Jim Horne, Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University.