GP Sleep Study: Dr. Sanjay Gadhla

Dr Sanjay Gadhia, from the Lakeside Healthcare Group in Corby, in conjunction with Corby CCG, decided that there were better ways of handling the increasing numbers of patients with suspected OSA than simply referring them to either Leicester or Northampton Sleep Clinics.

Partly because of the distances involved, more than 20% of patients referred did not attend their appointments, and a smaller percentage who, following the hospital sleep study, did not need any treatment.

They introduced a home screening sleep study and, in a pilot of 68 patients, from four different local practices, 28 did not need further treatment. This represented a significant saving from the reduced number of referrals.

"Our work has shown that falling asleep at the wheel, due to OSA, is one of the most likely causes for them having a serious road accident, with all the implications, not only for them and other road users, but also for those driversí families".Professor Jim Horne, Sleep Research Centre, Loughborough University.